~ rosy heart ~

I love roses and I love hearts; so began my quest for a rosy heart. Weariness from searching for such a pattern, the help of Christina's Swirly Rose and structural practice from some of the first crocheted hearts I made like Amelia’s Heart BookmarkJune’s Love Hearts and Lucy’s Teeny Tiny Hearts led to my wish coming true. Finally, a rosy heart.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Materials Needed:
for a heart measuring ~ 2.50 inches by 2.00 inches use worsted yarn and a 3.75mm hook
for a heart measuring ~ 2.00 inches by 1.75 inches use dk yarn and a 3.75mm hook
for a heart measuring ~ 1.5 inches by 1.75 inches use fingering (sock) yarn and 3.50mm hook
for a heart measuring ~ 1.25 inches by 1.5 inches use a double strand of a lace weight yarn and a 3.00mm hook

ch - chain
st - stitch
fp - front post (front post video tutorial)
ss - slip stitch
sc - single crochet
hdc - half double crochet
dc - double crochet

Pattern Notes:
This heart is made in rounds. Rounds are worked continuously, unless noted otherwise. Blocking is important to shaping.

The leaf in the picture was made using the little leaf pattern courtesy of Lucy of Attic 24 .

Rounds 1-3 are worked on the wrong side.

Round 1:  Using a magic circle  make 5dc in loop after ch3 (ch3 counts as first dc), pull closed or
using the ch2 method, ch2, 6dc in second chain from hook - 6dc completed
Round 2:  2 fp dc around each dc of first round - 12dc completed
Round 3:  Each set of stitches in parentheses is done around one stitch of the previous round.
Beginning with the first dc and working around to the last dc,
(2 fp hdc), (2 fp dc), (2 fp hdc), (2 fp sc), (2 fp sc), (2 fp hdc, 1 fp dc),
(2 fp hdc), (2 fp sc), (2 fp sc) (2 fp hdc), (2 fp dc) (fp dc, fp hdc, ch3, fp ss)

Round 4A: 
(slip stitches on this round should be kept fairly loose)
ch1, turn/flip heart over (work is now done from the right side)
2sc around ch3, you do this by:

inserting the hook under the chain like so:

draw up a loop

complete your single crochet by yarning over and drawing through both loops on the hook,

make one more single crochet the same way

1sc in next 5 stitches, ss in next 7 stitches,
3sc in next stitch, ss in next 5 stitches, fasten off.

Round4B: While holding heart with right side facing you and pointed end to the left,
attach yarn to first stitch (the top of the ch3 of Round1) in center of spiral (you may have to reach in the center of the spiral and tug a bit),

ch1 and make one sc in same stitch, 1sc in front loop of next 17 stitches, hdc in the next 7 stitches, sc in the next st, do not fasten off, cut yarn leaving 5 inch tail.

Round4C: With right side still you facing, attach yarn to first sc of Round4A, ch1 and sc in same st,
1hdc in next 8 st, 1 sc in the next 6 st, 2sc in front loop of next st,
1 sc in the next 6 stitches, fasten off.
Using a crocheted invisible join, join to last sc of round 4B (you must skip over the fasten off  point to reach the last sc).

Weaving in Ends:
Note: Go slow and use this step to get desired shaping as well.
From the back of the heart pull center strings tight and knot together. Either weave them in or keep them long to use to attach the heart to another piece. Using the tail from the beginning of Round 4C, secure the left top of the heart to the back of the heart and weave in. Tie the the ends from Rounds 4A and 4C together and weave in or keep long and use for securing the outer parts of the heart to another piece as well. Weave the string from the invisible join down through the last hdc of Round 4B and then through the back of the heart. .

Spray the heart from the front and from the back with water until wet. Press gently to distribute water throughout the heart and place on a drying mat and shape. To obtain the best shape, open up center and reshape a few times during the drying period. Allow to dry completely.


If you have questions about this pattern, please visit the comments section of the corresponding ravelry page. If your question has not already been answered, feel free to post it there. I will be happy to help you. 

Items made from this pattern are for personal use only. Items may also be used for gifts and charity projects. Copying the pattern and/or pictures in whole or part then publishing, selling or posting elsewhere is also not permitted. Thanks so much.