~ original rosy heart ~

I love roses and I love hearts; so began my quest for a rosy heart. Weariness from searching for such a pattern, the help of Christina's Swirly Rose and structural practice from some of the first crocheted hearts I made like Amelia’s Heart BookmarkJune’s Love Hearts and Lucy’s Teeny Tiny Hearts led to my wish coming true. Finally, a rosy heart.

This is my original rosy heart pattern of September 2012 from my blog ihearthandicrafts. I've left it as it was for those of you who have used it and prefer it to the revised edition. I too like this version, as the spiral has two complete rotations.

Lili Tupili's german translation can be found here.

Make a magic ring, ch 2 (counts as the first dc)

Rounds 1-3 are the wrong side.
Round 1:  Make (7dc) in ring and pull tight.
Round 2:  2 front post (fp) dc around each dc (including ch2 after magic ring) of first round  (16dc)
Round 3:  Make 1 fp dc and 1 fp trc around first fp dc, 2 fp trc around each of next 2st, 2 fp dc around  (next 2st), 2 fp hdc around next st, 2 fp sc around next st, (2 fp hdc, 1 fp dc) around next st, 2 fp hdc around next st, 2 fp sc around next st, 2 fp hdc around next st, 2 fp dc around (next 2 st), 2 fp trc around each of next 2st, (1 fp trc, 1 fp dc, ch3, fp slip stitch) around last st, ch1 turn and turn the heart over
[(33) stitches+3ch+ss]

Round 4 (Right Side) 3sc around 3ch
1sc in next 7 stitches (because you are working on the right side now, you will make the first sc into the first ch of the ch3 you made), ss in next (9) stitches, 3sc in next stitch, ss in next (9) stitches, cut yarn and fasten off.

(A) While holding heart with right side facing you and pointed end to the left, attach yarn to very first dc in center of spiral, ch1 and make one sc in same dc, 1sc in next (22) st, 1hdc in next 7st, (1hdc, ss) in next st, fasten off.

With right side facing, attach yarn to first sc you made around 3ch, ch1 and sc in same st, 1hdc in next (19)st, 3sc in front loop of next st, 1hdc in next (10)st, cut yarn and fasten off by pulling yarn back through and out of loop on hook. Invisibly join to last hdc of (A). Weave in ends.


Items made from this pattern are for personal use only. Items may also be used for gifts and charity projects. Copying the pattern and/or pictures in whole or part then publishing, selling or posting elsewhere is also not permitted. Thanks so much.