Friday, January 10, 2014

~ back in bloom ~

Well I took another dig at the pattern for my ~ rosy heart ~

my rosy heart, 
the little heart that opened my heart to my wide world of crafty friends
the little heart that restored my confidence in me
the little heart that grew a deeper love for me and
all of the awesome things and people I love

I had a lot of fun getting my hands dirty again. I forgot how much I enjoy this heart.

I love hearts and I love roses, so I was on a quest to make a crocheted version of the two combined. At first, I searched everywhere for a rose heart pattern. Finally, I took a leap and tried to make what was in my mind myself. I started out with a pattern for a swirly rose I found and kept playing with it until I was satisfied.

When I decided to share it, I was surprised yet delighted with the response I received.

Unfortunately, the first written version, was not too great. I feel good about this sprucing up and hope it is easier to understand. My wish is that you are able to enjoy it as much as I do.

Heartfully Yours,