Friday, January 24, 2014

~ tried and true ~

my amaryllis cloche and cuffs...

I finally got around to making the Two Roads Hat; a pattern of decisions. I like the textured pattern that makes up the crown. The original plan was to make Version Two and add a crocheted flower. After about 15 rip backs resulting from me trying to add extra rows to parts of the band, I gave up and opted for a band of half double crochet ribbing. I'll share more about this stitch and my fascination with it next time :)

So, I finished my alternate band (in one try-thank goodness) and then plans changed again. I scratched making a crocheted flower because I thought a needle felted flower would be nice since I had a flat surface to work on.

After all of the changes, I'm still happy with the results and also decided to make a pair of cuffs with the extra yarn.

Oh yeah, the yarn. I almost forgot to tell you. Both came from a local yarn shop. The blue is a somewhat coarse aran weight and the brown a softer and finer sport weight. I figured the blue would be great for warmth and the brown good for warmth too yet soft on the face and ears. I've searched high and low for the labels, but with no luck. I had the skeins wound into balls at the shop, so I'm thinking the labels were lost in transit. The natural I used for the needle felting is the merino roving I told you about and the green is scrap wool yarn I found in my stash.

So if you are like me and like options, this is a great pattern to try. The pattern was easy to follow and has great pictures. It's definitely going in my tried and true, go to file.

Happy Heartful Crafting,