Saturday, February 22, 2014

~ a never ending harvest ~

I think I may be addicted to this stitch that goes by many names. I'm going to call it the half double crochet rib stitch. I first fell in love with  it a couple of years ago. I came across a ravelry hat pattern called the surface braid hat. The name surface braid hat fit it perfectly. It made me remember my early childhood fascination with the knitted stockinette stitch. Such knitted pieces fascinated me because they were just like the "cornrow" hairstyles I used to beg my mom for and sit for hours to have my hair styled into. I would wonder how the stitch was made and used to hope to someday be able to produce it myself.

I never made a surface braid hat; but, have since made many other items using this stitch. My latest crop  includes the extra toppings please boot cuffs and my cottony cowl. I also have something else growing, due to sprout this spring. So if you haven't already given it a try, I think you should add it to your stockpile, I think you'll grow to love it for its versatility, flexibilty and ease to produce.

Happy Heartful Crafting